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Are you thinking of buying someone a present in the near future? If so, Aeroglobo has created
the fast and easy Airticket just for you. You can arrange everything from the comfort of your
own home.

It´s an original and surprising gift for the person you have in mind. Buy a balloon ticket and
you´ll give your couple, friends or family an unforgettable experience.



Airticket is  Aeroglobo´s gift  token  that once pur-
chased can  be  given  as a  present to anyone  you
choose. You’ll  receive it in a  printable  document
and you or whoever gets it has 1 year to use it.

Airticket - gift cards

You can buy your Airticket Online and you´ll receive it at home in a digital format via
e-mail. Payments can be made as indicated in the same e-mail.

Aeroticket - tarjeta regalo

Once received, the Airticket may be used by the buyer or given  as a gift to  another
person.  Airticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Airticket - tarjeta regalo

To use the gift token, simply get into contact with Aeroglobo to establish the date of
the flight.

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Here you have our gift cards offer. Choose the one that fits better with what you’re looking for.

Vuelo estandar Vuelo estandar Vuelo exclusivo 2 personas Botón formulario regalo estandar Botón formulario regalo pareja Botón formulario regalo exclusivo
Bienvenido a nuestra web Que incluyen las tarjetas

Each card allow to his/her owner to do a balloon flight with us.Depending on the type of card, the experience will include:


Inflating of  the balloon - One hour flight - Outdoors  picnic - Champagne  and Flight
certificate - Pictures flight.


Inflating of the balloon - 1h shared flight. - Outdoors Picnic - Champagne  and Flight
certificate - Pictures flight - Accommodation 1 night + SPA (2 pers.)

- PRIVATE FLIGHT 2 people:

Inflating  of  the  balloon - Private  flight  (1 h.) - Champagne + chocolate  on  flight -
Outdoors picnic - Flight certificate - Pictures flight - SPA Circuit + pools .

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