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Our flight center is located at the   Resort Marjal Costa Blanca  (Catral), a place  with
amazing facilities  that will allow our passengers  to enjoy a confortable  and pleasent
time before or after their flight.

You can easily get there throw AP-7 motorway and it is estrategically located  at only
30 minutes from Alicante, Murcia and Torrevieja.

Get ready to  discover and enjoy a piece of modern life  in the heart of this  beautiful
rural area. Peaceful and fresh air will be your partners while you enjoy everything this
resort has to offer you:

- Accommodation in private Bungalow
- SPA circuit + Saunas + Climate Pools
- Tropical Pools
- Restaurant / Terraces
- Supermarket
- Tennis courts / Paddle courts / Gym / Fitness
- Bike renting

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The flying area  is located in the region o  the bajo  Segura (around  the towns of Almoradi, Ca-
       tral,  Callosa, etc.)  and the  south of the city of Elche.  These  areas  are famous for  their
              green fields and marshlands known as El Hondo,  which is a protected  area within  the
                  Autonomous Valencian Community.

                       Also, and  protected by Unesco  as a  World  Heritage  Site,  we  will  be  able  to
                          see the  rural palmgroves of Elche, a beautiful  enclave  where  the  palmtrees
                             pla the leading  role in these  lanscapes.  Flying over these  areas  always
                               depends on the course of the prevailing winds we experience the morning
                               the flight.

Humedal del Hondo Pasajeros volando sobre el Humedal del Hondo Humedal del Hondo desde el aire

Palmgroves ( Elche)

Marshlands known as El Hondo (Elche)


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